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Cody Jimenez is an artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico and a recent alumnus of LCAD’s MFA program in Painting (2017).

Jimenez has been featured in multiple publications, including Juxtapoz Art + Culture Magazine. He has exhibited in group shows throughout southern California and the southwest, including Santa Fe, NM.


In 2018, he was 1 of 50 recipient's of the MexicanX Initiative Sponsorship to attend WorldCon76. The MexicanX Initiative was set up by Award Winning Illustrator John Picacio.

Jimenez explores mysterious forces in nature through use of allegory and anthropomorphism. Narrative based Imaginative Realism brings intrigue into his art. Light, color, texture, and shapes also push the narrative in the familiar yet magical world. He paint events of his personal life with odd and strangely beautiful elements derived from organic and inorganic natural phenomena. In his work, he brings physicality to ephemeral moments of human experiences.  

Jimenez is currently working with multiple galleries, including Abend Gallery. He is also a mentor in the graduate program of Laguna College of Art + Design. 



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